The 3 Factors that Cause Excess Belly Fat

The 3 Factors that Cause Excess Belly Fat

We all have some deal of fat in our bellies. The problem occurs when it exceeds a certain limit, leading to health concerns, including some serious or even fatal problems. The key to avoiding belly fat is to know the cause behind it. In this article you will see three of the common factors that cause too much belly fat.

Undesirable Genes

This factor is listed first because it is virtually impossible to control. The only thing you can do if you are genetically made to accumulate belly fat is to have a healthy eating habit and do exercise regularly. You must understand the need to put some effort as compared to people who have superior genes; it can be achieved if you are dedicated and diligent.

Improper Diet

At present many people do not take care with their diet. Fast food and processed food takes up a mighty proportion in our diet, both of which are not going to do any good for us.

As an alternative, we can try these foods with are low in carbs and/or high in protein:

  • Fresh vegetable – cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage and cucumber
  • Fresh fruits – apples, peaches, melons and berries
  • Lean protein – fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and lean meat
  • Whole grains – brown rice, whole wheat, oats and quinoa

The type of food isn’t the only factor in fat gain. It is also how much we eat, dubbed portion control. A little trick used by many is to use a smaller plate for such food. What this does is make your mind believe that you had a full meal when actually you didn’t. The following rules of thumb will be helpful for portion control.

  • Half a cup of fresh fruit – ½ baseball
  • 3 ounces of lean meat – a deck of cards
  • A cup of cereal flakes – your fist
  • A cup of salad – 1 baseball

Insufficient Exercise

Poor diet is by no means the only cause of too much belly fat; lack of exercise is an equally contributing factor. If a person takes on processed foods and fast foods which are high in the saturated fat as well as calories, and does little exercise, the extra calories the body doesn’t need will be stored as fat. This excess fat will appear in the form of belly fat in many people, which is the kind of fat they like the least.

One good news is that belly fat is the first in the line to be burned when you start to exercise. This can be achieved by engaging in 30 minutes of intense exercise, which may be an activity such as walking or running or swimming. Do this regularly without fail and eat healthy and you will see some good results in just two weeks.

You must seriously think of eating healthier food and exercising because belly fat is quite risky. The general weight loss rule of expending more calories than what you intake over a period applies here to. By burning 3500 calories more than what you eat in a week’s time, you will shed one pound. Eating healthy and exercising becomes easy matters after you integrate them into your lifestyle.

How to Improve your Relationship in 7 Easy Steps

How to Improve your Relationship in 7 Easy Steps

We all know the key to a better sex life with your partner: communication. If you want to maintain or improve your relationship with your partner be sure to always keep a communication bridge where the conversation is sincere, honest and without the aim of destroying the other person.

When is time to talk about our sex life fear not shut up. For a normal person to talk honestly about their sex it is difficult, but the alternative is much worse. If you live in a relationship where you hide every sensitive issue not only talk about it, you’ll end up with a carpet full of problems and eventually your romantic relationship will fall by the weight of lies. It is important to have conversations that are essential for keeping a healthy relationship, where intimate supplement is right for both people.

These are the most important intimate conversations and should never be avoided. I hope that the strategies described in this article will help you get started and address each of these issues in the best way with your partner. Obviously are not the only tactics, I would like to read your comments about your own techniques and have overcome problems.

  1. Our Past

When it comes to having the conversation about our past adventures important thing it is to have that conversation as soon as possible, the very first moment you know that there is a mutual attraction that can be converted into a relationship. It is important to talk about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV testing and the last date of any tests taken. Be honest with your current situation (especially if you had an alpha male sexual activity – click to learn how to be a “macho alfa”) is much better to hide until the end if you have an infection or not. What is not necessary to discuss is the number of past adventures, that only causes insecurity, which is not the best companion during the early stages of our relationship.

  1. What you like and what do not you like

Talk about what you like and do not like the relationship is difficult but necessary. Have that conversation out of their bedroom, if you have to plan the best time for both, do it. Many couples make the same mistake of talking about these things after intimacy, not realizing that the environment is very delicate for a serious conversation. Never give what you do not like within a negative environment, which is never a criticism. On the contrary, it involves defects in a positive frame. If possible, it offers an option that is sensitive to both.

  1. Frequency

When talking about the frequency of our sexual activity it is not necessary to be in complete agreement, but in the same neighborhood. For example, if you want to have intimacy once a month, and your partner wants intimacy every day, that will cause an issue between you. Is the same with any other sensitive issue, compromise is the main key. Ideally, according to professionals in matters of intimate relationships is having sex a minimum of twice a week, but be aware that is impossible for a single rule that works for all and ensure a lasting relationship. The couple has to work side by side to find the correct frequency to feel more satisfied.


  1. Fantasies

Talk about your fantasies gives you the chance for your partner to try to please you and return your fantasies a reality. Obviously, it is easier to say than to get it done. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, have an arrangement with your partner so that no judgment cannot pass. Simply listen without making any decisions as to whether you will do or do not engage, this is enough to start the conversation. A practical way to begin the conversation is that each couple write a list of his fantasies. Then you can compare and create a combined list starting with those fantasies they share.

  1. Infidelity Talk

The meaning of what embodies infidelity and cheating is not black or white. Because of this, talk about what it means for everyone is best done as soon as possible, without there being any suspicion that might spoil the conversation. Do not delay until anything goes wrong to put the rules of what will be tolerated and what ends the affair root. Write a comprehensive list of what it means to be unfaithful (for example, talking with or exes). Do not forget to take into consideration the technology angle, which occurs with mail and passwords to email, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks. Do not wait until it’s too late and you have to use a program to spy cell to uncover the truth.

  1. The Language of Love

It is important to know that actions make your loved one feel appreciated, either walk holding each other hands, or sending animated texts. Keeping these attitudes towards our partner we will help improve the intimate relationship. We receive and give love from any of these five ways: with compliments or affirmations, actions to service our loved one, gifts, physical touch, quality time. Couples that display many different languages of love can have a perfect relationship, as long as both partners communicate in the way that makes sense to your beloved (or) partner. We gravitate to love our partners in the same way we want them to love us, unfortunately sometimes does not work and do not know how to overcome this incompatibility. Write with your partner three or four sentences describing the feeling of being loved and do not forget to fulfill that list to have a perfect intimate relationship.

  1. The Evolution of Our Feelings

It is important to understand that when we talk about our intimate relationships and our deepest feelings, there is no talking at once and go. Our desires and needs change over time, what you like and do not like in the first day of marriage is not necessarily going to like after 10 years. Actually, it is the opposite, the longer you live with your partner less able to predict their preferences, it is for this reason that continuous communication is the main key.

The Effect of Protein on Belly Fat

The Effect of Protein on Belly Fat

When it comes to belly fat people usually think of fat and carbohydrates as the culprits. The thing they are unaware of is that protein too has an effect on it. As a matter of fact, protein does not lead to belly fat; it is the lack of protein which leads to formation of fat in your abdomen. In the article we will look how protein has a hand in belly fat and how you can make use of the information to avoid excess belly fat.

A lot of people at present are content to eat little or no breakfast, due to lack of time. Because of this they do not get protein early in the day. Lack of protein will have you crave for snacks later in the morning. Because they feel tired and unenergetic at that time, they tend to snack on foods with high calories, high fat and high sugars, foods with low nutritional value. Such foods are the direct cause of belly fat.

This is the mechanism by which you will gain extra pounds when you skip breakfast. When the body doesn’t get the food it requires after starving all night, it begins to think that the next meal is uncertain and so starts to store calories while spending less of it. However, it is possible to use protein to affect your body fat in a positive way. Protein helps keep the level of insulin in check. Since insulin is responsible for storing sugar in form of fat, intaking a good deal of protein will lead to less belly fat.

If you want the optimal amount of hormonal balance, just increase the protein intake. It has been shown by numerous studies that the optimum amount of protein is 20 to 25g per meal, while it is 10 to 15g per snack. This will make sure blood sugar and insulin are kept in check, which in turn will bring about the right metabolic state for reducing appetite and burning belly fat. Consuming the right amount of proteins will lead to hormones that help with burning fat and reducing appetite.

The rule of thumb is, the more protein you take, the more belly fat you shed. In a study done by Diabetes Care, where 54 obese people, both men and women, all suffering from type 2 diabetes, were given either a high protein diet or low protein diet. Those who ate high protein diet showed better reduction in body fat, including belly fat. So what type of protein is best for belly fat burning? Foods such as lean chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and ricotta should do. Also include protein rich eggs, fish and Omega-3. Consuming these foods will bring about a positive change of your belly fat.